Is Social Media a blessing

The Internet and other forms of digital media and technology have been playing an important role in the lives of individuals, politics and the economy. The demand for being always connected has made local internet service providers to change its data plans offer. On the economic front, many brick and mortar stores were affected by the extent of e-commerce and online purchases.

The Internet and digital media have also influence how politicians communicate with people. However, many governments are wary of the spread of fake news. Take for example, CPF has fake news that were spreading on Whatsapp, SMS and social media.

No doubt, the Internet has improved drastically over the years in terms of its access duration and volume of data generated. Not only did it changed the World, it also brings people together and open a new horizon in cyber space.

However, the pertinent question is “Has the business community benefited from social media?”

Social media has brought people into a borderless world where audio, videos and photos may be exchanged in near real-time. Social media opens new opportunities for advertising and marketing fields.

Do you know that on average, the daily usage of social media amounted to 135 minutes?

Emergence of web 2.0 in the first decade of the twenty-first century fostered the rise of social media and interactive communication tools. Social media has been rooted into our society today. It is nearly impossible for people to take you seriously, if you are not on any social media platform….. Yes because I myself found it hard to believe when someone replies “No I don’t have an account” This has created a trend where youths will constantly keep updates on social media at the expense of physical interaction and communication.

Research has shown that Facebook and YouTube are the top two most popular social networking platforms, while Whatsapp and FB Messenger being the popular messenger Applications around the World.

Big business entities with strong marketing strategies are enticed to advertising on social media. McDonald has took social media to its advantage by promoting its menu. So let’s take a look at how McDonald market their food on the top 2 social networking platforms.

Selecting the most popular social media platform is crucial when advertising a product. When McDonald has a new menu, it introduced them on Facebook and Youtube. In presented them in text with picture and video which impress viewers to try them. In my opinion, McDonald’s has done a fairly good job in marketing their products. They have chosen social media platforms that are highly used among their target audiences which I believe are mainly teenagers and young adults. Since its posting on social media, McDonald’s page has accumulated about 79,000 likes and 760,000 views on their Facebook and Youtube channel respectively. The cascading effects of these advertising will make it talk of the town topic among the viewers and their peers, raising awareness of the new taste and McDonald’s revenue.

Apart from McDonald’s, other companies such as Crabtree & Evelyn and H&M promote their brand on their social media platforms too. With their constant updates, they are able to communicate and interact with their potential customers efficiently and effectively.

So take note businessmen: Your advertorials will bring in revenue with these important tips:

  • Choose your platform carefully
  • Be active and current
  • Be interesting and eye catching


  1. Great article on the use of social media for marketing! Which do you feel that is better to post on Facebook? A picture or a video for the followers?


    1. In my opinion, a video would be a better tool to use for social media marketing. Video advertisements are able to generate more emotions in an individual. It is capable of telling an extensive story and appeals to a wider range of senses. As such, these emotions are able to fuel passion, drives human behavior while building a brand relationship with the audience.


  2. It is interesting to see you using McDonald as the example to to show how they market food using social media (I love McDonald!). Social media is indeed a blessing to most organisation. However I feel that it will be a challenge to manage and maintain the social media platforms.

    In the future If I am tasked to manage social media tools for my my company, I will be sure to take your tips on carefully choosing of platform and being active with interesting and eye catching content!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I’m glad you are able to take away useful tips from it 🙂

      Yes, I agree that it may be a challenge to manage and maintain social media platforms. However, if companies are able to do it well, they are able to gain great benefits from it.


  3. Good thing I referred to your blog! Shocked to realise that an average person spends around 135 minutes on social media daily! Shocked not because the number is significant, but mainly because I personally spent more time than that! Have to rethink life decisions …


    1. Yes, nowadays people are spending most of their free time on the phone scrolling through social media! However, it can be educational with access to the online newspaper, e-books, and articles!

      I guess it all boils down to what users do with their mobile phones 🙂


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