Secrets to Facebook’s Success

A typical Facebook user spends 10 hours a week on the site


It is no secret that Facebook is one of the hottest social networking platform for users around the World. There are over 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 10 percent increase year after year.

In my opinion, Facebook is a “All-in-one platform” to me. Things you can do on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other platforms, you can do them on Facebook too. Facebook encompasses all the popular features of social media to establish itself as the leading social networking platform.

I strongly believe that the key to Facebook success is through customer participation and value creation, in which has helped to enhance its brand relationship performance. There are four types of customer value creation:

  • Functional Value
  • Relational Value
  • Emotional Value
  • Entitativity Value

1. Functional Value

There are many influences out here in Singapore just as many in other parts of the world. Xiaxue for instance, often updates her Facebook page to promote the brand she’s partnering with. She will write her reviews or experiences and share it with her audiences and associated friends. Such active involvement and participation allows direct input of their resources and enhance brand consumption experience. Facebook serves Xiaxue well as a platform and it has helped her garnered many lucrative sponsors and raise product awareness.

2. Relational Value

One other feature Facebook has is Live updates. Facebook allows users to go live to connect and grow with their audiences. There are many different reasons to go Live on Facebook. It offer audio and video presentations where their target audience can relate to.

Local radio station, such as 987FM frequently goes Facebook Live. Such feature allows them to connect with their listeners and better get their messages across. 987fm utilise Facebook to promote their giveaways, provide more information on brands which they are partnering with and many more! With daily interaction with their listeners, higher the relational value.

3. Emotional Value

If you know what’s “S Hook Lady” you would probably have seen the SG trend on Facebook

Facebook provides the opportunity to people to go Live on Facebook to sell their preloved clothes. Like this lady here, she managed to gather big audiences and “fame” after going viral on her Facebook Live. This lady was able to create her own content, contribute her own resources with a greater sense of control over the service process. With such high customer participation, it leads to a greater emotional value perception.


4. Entitativity Value


Clicknetwork enhances customer participation value through entitativity value. In this episode of “ROZZ RECOMMENDS”, they provide information that can be beneficial to their audiences. The host, Rozz, give a footage of her travel and give tips and first hand life experiences of her trip. And for me, I find the content interesting and helps me to gain a better insight of the city she visited.

Facebook has successfully enhanced its brand performance by aiming for higher customer satisfaction. With its various tools and the ability to find target audience more effectively, it helps to add to customer value.


    1. There are actually many social media platforms these days. I guess they are the ones that I have been using every day such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

      From what I encounter, businesses have been using those social media platforms to promote their products/services. And that is where I get influenced by those advertisements and spend my savings on :’)


    1. In my opinion, the next suitable platform would be Instagram. Many companies have been using Instagram to promote their businesses. For example, while you are scrolling through Insta stories/posts, you will encounter a few advertisements from various brands. This can help to generate sales by tapping on a wider range of potential customers 🙂


  1. Well written informative post. Now I have a deeper understanding of the four customer value creation. I agree that the key to Facebook success would be through customer participation.

    However, I feel that we should use a combination of social media tools, not just focusing on Facebook. What do you think?


  2. Thanks for writing in! I’m glad you have found it useful 🙂

    Yes, I totally agree with you! I’m pretty sure many companies use various social media and not just only Facebook. The next common one would be Instagram and Twitter, where advertisements just keep popping up! I’m sure you have encountered too! Having a few creates a wider audience and creates brand awareness and I do encourage companies to use a few medias instead of sticking to one 🙂


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