Mobile marketing

Mobile media transcend traditional communication and support one-to-one, many-to-many and mass communication.

Scharl, Dickinger & Murphy, J (2005)

Mobile marketing offers a great number of advantages to the company.

  • Near real time engagement

Often, people carry their mobile phones around with them. And yes, sometimes, 24/7. Messages is received as soon as the recipient looks at his/her phone. This makes mobile-marketing techniques almost instant.

  • Simpler content creation

Size and complexity is constrained for mobile phones, which makes it simpler and less expensive when creating content. By keeping it simple and basic, it helps to adapt easily to various mobile platforms.

  • Message Amplification

Mobile phones are considered to be a handy and convenient gadget that can be passed around easily. As such, users are able to share their mobile contents with no extra effort – anywhere & everywhere.

I-Want-To Moments (Micro-moments)

Micro-moments arise when people reflexively turn to a gadget, to act on a need to learn something, do something, go somewhere, or buy something. These “micro-moments” are game changes for both consumers and brands.

  1. I-Want-To-Know Moments

66% of smartphone users turn to their smartphones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.


Want to go on a trip but trouble finding a suitable hotel, and stumbled on an ad to solve your problem? Hotel Trivago has a total of 5,594 airings for a period of 30 days. With TV campaigns put up by Trivago, people will be more enticed to search their company on their mobile to find more information.


2. I-Want-To-Go Moments

Feeling hungry in the middle of the night? And especially after watching commercial advertisements on TV or mobile phones of your favorite food? Yes, this is how McDonald’s gain sales by attracting customers to purchase from the nearest outlet or online.


  3. I-Want-To-Do Moments

Hai di lao soup is now available in supermarkets! Consumers are now able to purchase them with an affordable price. And…. if you do not know what to cook it with, where do you go to? That’s right, you google! With the use of mobile marketing, there are plenty of recipes and informations of the product that consumers can obtain with a click of the mouse.


4. I-Want-To-Buy Moments

Are you guilty of spending too much online?

Ever been in a dilemma where you passed by a store and wanting to purchase your favourite pair of item? Mobile marketing has allow most consumers to think twice before purchasing . WHY? That’s because online shopping allows you to look for the item and purchase them online. Not only you get to see reviews, you may get discounts too GOOD DEAL



    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      That’s a good question! I have been thinking of other moments and came up with I want it now moment. HAHA, based on personal experience, mobile marketing can create a strong urge to have the product or services right now at the instant! I’m sure you have such a moment too!


  1. Since we are all tied up to our mobile nowadays, mobile marketing is definitely a key strategy that organisations should adopt.

    However, I feel that the more we rely on mobile related technology, we are slowly losing out on the real life interactions. What do you think!


    1. Hmm, I do think the same way too!

      With the advancement of technology, people rely so much on it that we might forget physical interaction in the future! We can spend hours being glued to our mobile phones, interacting and communicating through a mobile phone that it is not necessary for people to meet up anymore.


  2. Very in-depth analysis to the topic with relevant examples! Especially on your research on the ‘I-want-to’ moments!


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