Effective internet marketing? (or not)

From a bird’s perspective, internet marketing can be done through various digital media – search engines, email, mobile applications and websites.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs who thinks marketing of superstition, rather than science? And constantly battling on whether to spend money on marketing efforts? If you answered yes, why not justify your budget and turn marketing from superstition to science. All you got to do is measuring your efforts. SIMPLE AS 1 2 3

So, how exactly do you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing?

Here are 5 key indicators

  • Channel Promotion
  • Channel Buyer Behaviour
  • Channel Satisfaction
  • Channel Outcomes
  • Channel Profitability


  1. Channel Promotion

It is important to note your source of visitors, which adverts they have came across or sites they have been referred from. For example, Grab encourages their drivers to refer their friends to join Grab Hitch. With the referral code they provide, Grab will be able to have the statistics of existing drivers promoting to their friends.


2. Channel Buyer Behaviour

Tracking new sessions is extremely important as it gives insight into how advertisements on social media, search engines, email, and other platforms are able to attract new customers. Also, it reflects on how effective your adverts influence your target customers’ behaviours and preferences.


3. Channel Satisfaction

Are you prioritising customer satisfaction and success? And if you’re nodding your head, this is a good indicator. Channel satisfaction helps to measure how your marketing strategy meets customers’ expectations. It can either falls short, meets, or exceeds customer expectations.


4. Channel Outcomes

Keeping track of the conversion rate is necessary to get a sense of performance of your marketing campaign. With a higher conversion rate, it leads to increase in buyers. If you gets a hundred visits, but only a few buyers, you’ll know there’s something wrong and should start taking steps to change various elements to see if the conversion rate goes up.


5. Channel Profitability

Channel profitability states the profitability of the website, taking into account revenue and cost and discounted cash flow. If you’re wondering whether your promotion efforts are working, measure ROI. As such, you get to know if new leads gained through digital marketing lead to new sales.


OK……. That’s all folks

So what have you taken away from this? I hope you can get the following to stick and use these indicators to guide a more holistic, effective marketing campaign. 🙂


    1. I guess there is always a positive and negative side to everything. Here are a few cons to Internet marketing I can think of. Firstly, adopting Internet marketing as a strategy to market your products/services, there may be negative feedback or reviews from the audience. This can affects the company’s reputation. Secondly, if Internet marketing is not done professionally, it will not be taken seriously and create a negative impression. Lastly, not all products or services can be marketed through the Internet. For example, products or services that target the elderly and only a few of them are tech savvy. However, with Internet marketing growing over the years, the pros of Internet marketing still outweigh its cons.


  1. Good share on the 5 key indicators that can be used to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. Each of the indicators are equally important, thus I believe it is a challenge for marketers to ensure that they cover all key indicators in their marketing campaign.

    This will definitely be useful which I can apply it to, in the event I am tasked on a marketing campaign and I need to make sure that it is effective.


    1. Yes, it is definitely important to take all 5 considerations into consideration when holding a marketing campaign! I’m glad you find this useful and I hope you are able to apply it when you are put in a marketing role 🙂


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